Biden Blames Russia for Dem’s Self-Induced Energy Crisis


Joe Biden now blames Russia for the oil problems he caused with his non-stop assault on our energy sector. He falsely claimed Russia’s oil prices caused the nation’s rise in fuel — not Keystone, oppressive regulations, demands that investors steer clear of fossil fuels, and cancelation of drilling. The inflation was also caused by wild spending.

He also says Putin has caused all this suffering. Putin is a thug and we should help Ukraine but not go to war. Democrats are exploiting the war to put blame on Russia and to distract from their failures.

According to him, he didn’t cause the high price of fuel — IT’S RUSSIA! At the same time, he’s doubling down on windmills and solar which cannot possibly take the place of fossil fuels at this time. If the Left really cared about clean energy, they’d include nuclear.

He still won’t open up US energy and will only use our reserves.

The verbally struggling Joe said he will ban Russian oil and, basically, we must continue to suffer.

Biden foolishly keeps bragging about crushing the rouble but paybacks will be a b.. problem.

Biden will send billions of tax dollars to Ukraine [and to his leftists in government agencies], falsely claiming Ukraine, with its corruption, journalist murders, radical Islamists, and Nazi politicians, is a democracy.

Watch as he slurs his words and reads from a teleprompter without really knowing what he’s saying. He refused to answer questions.


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