Marc Morano Explains How The Great Reset Wins


The Great Reset explained by Marc Morano


Marc Morano spoke with Allie Beth Stuckley on Blaze TV. The entire video, linked below, is well worth watching. This particular segment deserves special attention.

Klaus Schwab: “It’s a deep systemic and structural restructuring of our world, and since it takes some time, that’s alright…”

Marc Morano: “He’s [Klaus Schwab] talking about us essentially giving up individual national sovereignty and giving up individual freedoms and turning over rule to experts. In fact, at his meeting in Davos, he said he looked at everyone in the room – and these are billionaires, millionaires, corporate heads, government bureaucrats, Hollywood celebrities, the royal family, Bill Gates – he looked at everyone and he said we have in this room, we get to decide the future of the planet.

“I mean that’s the kind of maniacal James Bond villain attitude he actually is. So, what’s significant though about this G20 speech you just played, he is now being treated as a head of state. It’s now a nation state [World Economic Forum]. It’s reached that level status at a G20 summit where he can go up there and talk about radical restructuring, systemic restructuring of the planet, and he gets literally the same VIP treatment.

“And what’s amazing about that is how did he get to this position of power. Well, in the book I go back, was founded in 1971 and the key to the way the World Economic Forum is so powerful. They found a way for businesses, academics, and lobbyists, and fundraisers to meet with politicians off the books, outside the purview of lobbying regulators, any oversight.

“And they have these annual meetings … it’s a free for all where you get corporations, government, celebrities, academia, all together and they’re  meeting, they’re talking, they’re – I hate to use the word conspiring – but they’re planning. And this is how you end up with things like environmental social governance ESG, this is you end up with all these corporate mandates, and what ultimately comes out of this – and this is the simplest way of looking at it  – The Great Reset, the World Economic Forum.

“This whole agenda is to make it so we have no choice on some of the biggest questions of our lives, and just even down to the smallest, and here’s a few examples. We didn’t get to vote on whether gas-powered cars would be banned; we didn’t vote for vaccine mandates; we didn’t vote for lockdowns; we didn’t vote to have churches closed; we didn’t vote to have schools closed; we didn’t vote for mask mandates; we didn’t vote for banning of meat.

“But all of this is happening because at these meetings, like the World Economic Forum and the United Nations, they meet and they work with government corporate collusion to bypass democracy and then – simple sentence – The Great Reset is basically making the once free world copy the same model as the one party Chinese authoritarian rule.

Masters of the World Speech [don’t forget how they plan to use technology, censorship, and AI]:

“That is the great reset. They bypassed democracy and impose stuff through this corporate government fascism and we get told what’s happening. We don’t get to vote on it. There’s no hearings in Congress… there’s no town halls… there’s no switchboards lighting up for a big quote, none of it.

“We’re just told that the car is gone; you’re meat eating ‘s going; we’re creating energy shortages; sorry, you need a vaccine to go into this place; sorry your schools are closed; sorry your churches are closed.

“What, huh, how did that happen?”


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