March for Israel Threat Level at Highest Designation, SEAR 1 – Update


Update: The media reports tens of thousands showed up, but it looked more like hundreds of thousands. It was a success except when Van Jones suggested a ceasefire.That drew boos.

Van Jones suggested a ceasefire which didn’t go over well. And we had a couple of racists.


Tens of thousands of protesters are expected to gather at the National Mall on Tuesday afternoon to show support for Israel and to condemn rising antisemitism in the United States, reports NBC News. DHS has raised the DC threat level to its highest designation of SEAR 1.

The March for Israel in DC follows the October 7 genocidal attack on Israelis and the ensuing war.

The organizers of the March said they are calling for the return of the 240 hostages, and they want to highlight “Israel’s right to remain free from violence and the right of Jewish communities in North America and around the world to live free from hate.”

Security has been increased to the Department of Homeland Security’s highest designation based on crowd size, Congress members’ attendance, and perceived threat level. Muriel Bowser, the mayor of Washington DC, said Monday that the National Guard will coordinate with local police.

Speakers at the event include Van Jones, who has made anti-Semitic comments, actress Deborah Messing, Israel’s President Isaac Herzog, members of Congress, and family members of hostages. At least one pro-Palestinian group, the Washington chapter of the Palestinian Youth Movement, asked its supporters on Instagram not to engage, although they’re expected to attend.

Organizers of The March expect up to 60,000 people.

Teenagers, young women and man with the Flag of Israel draped over their shoulders at the sunset over the sea in israel. Friendship in childhood silhouette

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has escalated the threat level to SEAR 1 for the ‘March for Israel’ demonstration.

Worldwide Alert

The DHS’s decision comes as tensions mount in various parts of the globe. The department has urged U.S. citizens residing or traveling overseas to exercise heightened caution amidst these emerging threats. While the DHS has not explicitly stated that the increased threat level is in response to the ‘March for Israel’ event, it is crucial to note that the decision aligns with the current global threat landscape.

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