Mark Dice Alone Takes on a Hot Woke Issue


Right-leaning YouTube personality Dave Rubin is married to a man. Recently, they decided they wanted children using a fertility clinic and two female surrogates. Mark Dice takes this sensitive issue on.

Mark Dice dared to speak out about two gay men adopting children or finding a surrogate to have children. He brought up Dave Rubin because conservatives are all congratulating Mr. and Mr. Rubin on their test tube babies. Dice said he might be canceled for his comments, and he is a lone voice. Is it? What do you think?

In our Brave New World, we cannot have opinions that conflict with the approved narrative.

The comedian deals with the issue without comedy and complains about conservatives congratulating Dave Rubin and his husband for hiring surrogates with fertilized eggs from an anonymous mother to bear children for them.

Raising children without a mother isn’t a good idea, which is the main point he makes in the clip. With surrogacy, the children never have a mother. They will never know who contributed the egg or whose womb carried them. It is a lot for a child to understand.

This isn’t about Dave Rubin and his husband or about homosexuality. It’s about two same-sex parents raising a child with no mother, no mother at all. Dice sees it as selfish. I think it is, but hopefully, I’m wrong. I’ve worked with children most of my career, and I think it creates problems for a developing child.

Sadly, Catholic adoption agencies are regularly under attack over the adoption issue. The Left wants them out of the adoption business.

I don’t agree with Mark Dice that we should call Dave Rubin and his husband “narcissists.” They might feel they have a lot of love to give. It’s not good to judge other people.

The nuclear family is disappearing, and we aren’t the better for it. Watch the clip and see what you think. Let us know in the comment section.

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