Mass. Provides Housing/Meals for $5400 per Room per Migrant


Boston has been quiet lately when it comes to their migrant crisis, and that is because they are hiding it. They are shipping migrants out to small towns and villages. Additionally, they are paying $5400 a month in taxpayer money per room and meals for each illegal foreigner.

As if that isn’t enough to trouble people, the foreigners coming illegally are displeased with their accommodations.

A former Fairfield Inn hotel in Dedham, about 30 minutes outside of Boston, currently has all 149 hotel rooms filled with migrants. During an investigation into state contracts with these hotels, Hernandez discovered that these rooms, previously rented out for $129 per night, are now being rented for $5,400 per month for a room without a kitchen.

People had reservations canceled with the notice that “The cancellation is to house the migrants. The state took us over.”

When the reporter spoke to the migrants on the premises, they said that the rooms were small. They complained that they weren’t being given enough resources, such as beds and cribs for their children. Two migrants gave us a tour of their rooms, complete with beds and a private bathroom, and said they were being provided three meals daily.

Multiple migrants on the premises also had their own vehicles. One complained about not having his work permit but having trouble finding a job.

This is only one of the many Massachusetts towns accommodating foreigners at great expense.

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