DA Bragg Drops Charges for 30+ Radicals Who Stormed Columbia


Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who wants Donald Trump imprisoned for his free speech and not committing any crimes, never met a Democrat criminal he wouldn’t free. He just released the radical Islamist supporters arrested at Columbia University and dropped all charges against more than 30 of them.

Woke, racist Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg dropped charges against dozens of pro-Hamas and communist protesters who stormed Columbia University.

The protesters stormed Hamilton Hall on Columbia’s campus on April 30.

They caused damage, breaking windows, vandalizing walls, and putting the police in danger.

Police arrested 46 protesters after they created mayhem, barricaded themselves inside the building, and blocked it off from school personnel.

Over 30 of them had charges dropped by the Manhattan DA’s office. The remaining 13 were offered an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal but refused the offer.

According to Daily Mail online, many Jewish students and their supporters are angry that it took so long for officials to crack down on the protests amid allegations of anti-Semitism.

Why aren’t all New Yorkers angry?

The Hamilton Hall insanity was led by revolutionary anarchist organizer Lisa Fithian. She was seen in numerous videos. The Left calls her an activist who believes in civil disobedience.

He cited prosecutorial discretion and lack of evidence. A case against another student was dismissed earlier in the month. Police arrested an army of radicals who blockaded the hall. That warrants charges.

There were videos and photos, and I seriously doubt there wasn’t enough evidence.

Prosecutor Millan said protesters had covered surveillance cameras, and there was insufficient evidence to show that any individual defendant damaged property or injured anyone.

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