Massive Democrat Spending Bill Flies Through the House, Here’s the Vote


The so-called Omnibus spending bill passed the House easily with Democrat votes. The 2,232-page, 6-month bill funds massive spending, a ban on the wall, leaves Obamacare intact, funds the baby chop shop, and fully funds the illegal Sanctuary Cities/States that are destroying our nation. The roll call is linked below — see how your congressman voted.

What’s In It

Representative Mark Meadows tweeted: I voted ‘no’ on the Omnibus because this spending bill doesn’t just forget the promises we made to the voters—it flatly rejects them. This is not the limited government conservatism that our voters demand.

Although Trump said he wanted to cut the left-wing arts, this bill increased their budget. It gives $152 million each to the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) in 2018, a $3 million increase from current levels for each agency.

The bill will allow the CDC to study gun control again which means the public will be battered endlessly with fake stats. It also funds the Gateway Project for the decadent money wasters in New York and New Jersey.

The Cloud Act to violate our privacy rights is also included. The IRS and EPA get huge increases.

There are good things in the bill, such as funding the military. Read more here.

The bill was written – basically – by four people who are gleefully leading our nation into bankruptcy. The House had 16 hours to read and comprehend the 2232-page bill.  It passed with more Democrat votes than Republican. No way did these representatives read the bill.

It’s like Obama never left!

The bill only funds the government THROUGH SEPTEMBER and it will add over $800 billion to the deficit. For all that, Republicans get little. Chuck and Nancy are happy.

While Speaker Ryan was bragging about how they restored order, Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan called the process “ridiculous” — a sentiment echoed by lawmakers across both parties.

Ryan said he’s “done a phenomenal job” restoring order.

Roll Call Vote

The roll call vote is HERE. It had more Democratic votes than Republican, 150 to 166.

One Last Plea

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