Massive Horde of 1,000 Aliens Storm US Border in El Paso


“Absolute madness” as a massive horde of migrants storm El Paso border checkpoint, The Daily Mail online reports. It was a brazen attempt to enter the US, as wild footage shows them tearing down concrete barriers and wire. Agents can be heard screaming, “They’re coming; shut it down.”

Over 1,000 rushed the border at once. They were mostly young men of fighting age. They tried to enter by force.

God help us. No one will stop this madness.

It started off as around a thousand, and it’s ongoing. Crowd control measures were used, and some invaders were repelled, but not all.

Will Americans finally believe this is an invasion? Will the media ever report it? This is an invasion, and some of our enemies within and outside the United States are behind it. They’re destroying us.

These are not people we want here. We have no idea who these people are or what they want.

Thank Joe Biden and the hard-left Democrats and traitorous Republicans. Our leaders are fools.

Most migrants in large groups are almost immediately released into the United States to file false asylum claims. A new CBP rule in May will subject illegal aliens who fail to apply for asylum in a third country to expedited removal and imposes a five-year ban on re-entry.

It’s too little, and it comes too late. We need a wall, more officers, and a leader who is intelligent.

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tyrone nelson
tyrone nelson
11 months ago

Longtime KKK associate Joe Biden has engineered this to distract from and hide his, family’s, and democrat party’s and accomplices corrupion, fraud, and thievery. Funny how we’re not hearing about the sluggard Biden son anymore.

Last edited 11 months ago by tyrone nelson
John Vieira
John Vieira
11 months ago

Brazen as Brandon…