Mayor Adams’ Marxists Are Coming for the Firefighters


An infamous report from March 2022 claimed the fire department is a boys’ club. It is now back in the news as the Marxists begin to turn the screws. Adams is coming for them.

Last year, Mayor Adams visited a firehouse of someone I know well. He told the firefighters – white men – that he was coming for them. At the same time, New York City commissioned a report calling the FDNY a “boy’s club” that needed to be more diverse.

The Left found another target.

He signed five bills last November diversifying the FDNY. Firehouse locker rooms, restrooms, and bunks will be more private for women.

Minorities and women will get priority.

FDNY Commissioner Laura Kavanagh, the department’s first woman commissioner, complained about the men [primarily white].

“Change and tradition can live side by side,” she said. “I know that because I lived it.”

Instead of going by merit and whether candidates can do the job and pass the tests, they will push affirmative action.

Five alarm fire
There is a federal monitor overseeing firehouses.

A March 2022 report found only 13 percent of FDNY firefighters who accepted probationary appointments recently were Black. They didn’t mention how many applied or passed the tests.

According to the Patch, one woman firefighter, who recently testified that rampant harassment and discrimination goes unchecked within the FDNY, is only the latest in a long string of smoke eaters who have said so.

City Council Members crafted the new laws to, in part, address the complaints.

Their bills, signed by Adams, require that the FDNY form a plan to hire more non-white and women firefighters. Others require diversity and inclusion training and an annual report detailing complaints filed with the department’s Equal Employment Opportunity office.

And Council Member Joann Ariola shepherded a bill to survey permanent firehouse upgrades that would help foster use by a mixed-gender workplace.

The report said it’s a boys’ club. Running into fires to save lives and property of people who often hate them due to skin color is a boy’s club? Wow, I wonder if they charge high fees to join that club? I think I won’t join.

This is one more government agency that Adams will destroy. My late husband was a firefighter. They are wonderful men who need people who can hold their weight. But, the city is lowering the standards.

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