Mayor Bill de Blasio Tells a Teeny Iowa ‘Crowd’ He Wants to be President


Communist New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who is ruining New York City, is telling Democrats in Iowa that he has not ruled out a run for president.

The Sioux City Journal reports that de Blasio told voters at a Sioux City bar on Saturday that the Democratic Party must return to its progressive roots.

He said working people will “answer the call of the Democratic Party” if they hear that the party is “resolute in defense of their interests.”

De Blasio, née Warren Wilhelm, assembled the typical machinery of consultants and on-the-ground personnel needed for a presidential campaign.

“No one thought he would be mayor when he first started running,” he said.

The communist mayor told the little crowd Democrats must be bold. They must proudly say they are the party of organized labor. That they believe in fairness. Too many Democrats have had muddled message and have been too tied to big donors. [Like him]

It’s a sorry state of affairs when a communist who doesn’t believe in private ownership of property can run for President in the United States…and be mayor!


De Blasio drew a teeny crowd of 52 people, and journalists makes 70.

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