Mayor of New Orleans gave herself power to ban guns, alcohol


In response to the coronavirus pandemic, an executive order by the New Orleans Mayor, LaToya Cantrell, would allow the banning and transportation of firearms, USA Today reported. The outlet was fact-checking a Breitbart article making the claim and found it was true.

It is true that a line in the mayor’s executive order gives the city the ability to suspend the sale and transportation of guns if city officials decide it’s needed to maintain public safety. As of March 21, the city has not stopped the sale of firearms.

From page 4 of the executive order: “The Emergency Authority is hereby empowered, if necessary, to suspend or limit the sale, dispensing, or transporting of alcoholic beverages, firearms, explosives, and combustibles.”

The left wants to control everything and they are showing their true colors.

If the American public goes out of control, we will need our guns to protect ourselves, but Democrats do not support the right to self-defense.

They allow calls to 9-1-1 or fighting off mass killers with pencils if you’ll remember the public service messages under Barack Obama.

During this time of emergency, we see what Democrats view as the solution for everything — total control.



  1. Don’t mind if I do because you never let a crisis go to waste. The comrades in NOLA learned well from Katrina.
    I’m sure the gangsters will turn in their guns or are they the same as the government there?
    Republica Bananera, yes we can!

  2. I wonder if she’ll also empower her goons raid the Cadillac dealerships of their cars like they did during Katrina so they can drive around in style looking for the law abiding citizens she deemed criminals if they don’t buckle under.

  3. LA was confiscating guns after Katrina and, largely, got away with it scot-free. So they’ll do it again. That’s how acclimation works. We accept this in LA…will we accept it across America?

  4. Tyrants adore defenseless sheep, as it makes it very difficult to fight back against a vile regime. This is the reasoning the royalty of Europe hated firearms, for their subjects could readily fight back against tyranny and vile subjugation. Thus, who are the tyrants in our political world?

    Look around you, armed communities are civil communities that believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Then look at unarmed communities and you will find civil chaos and crime.

  5. I was under the impression that after Katrina President Bush had a law passed that forbade governments from confiscating personal weapons from legal gun owners during times of crisis. Someone please correct or update me if I am mistaken. I have family in N>O>.

  6. Some good that’ll do. If a New Orleans resident wants to buy a firearm, he merely needs to go to a gun store located somewhere outside the city. Having escaped the liberals of California for the freedom of Montana, I’d advise people of New Orleans to simply move to a freer and safer location.

  7. Those that have no respect for the CONSTITUTION, the BILL OF RIGHTS, and individual rights can hardly wait to place the govt. jack boot on your neck. These “little Hitlers” have no understanding of the restrictions on govt. spelled out in the Founding Documents. Please don’t elect these types of idiots.

  8. Not Power……Authority extended by the will of the people…… the people can rescind that Authority at any time, either at the Ballot Box or Special Recall…..Maybe it`s time for the people to use THEIR POWER !!!!!!

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