Mayor orders police to evacuate as rioters destroy 3rd precinct, 170 businesses


Minneapolis police abandoned the Third Precinct in Minneapolis Thursday night after rioters and looters pillaged and burned for the third night in a row, using the death of George Floyd as an excuse. It was full-out mayhem with the precinct virtually destroyed. They also looted and destroyed 170 businesses, already hurting due to the lockdown.


Democrat Mayor Jacob Frey told reporters that he made the decision “to evacuate the Third Precinct.”  That leaves the city in a state of complete anarchy.

“I made the decision to evacuate the Third Precinct,” Frey said. “The symbolism of a building cannot outweigh the importance of life, of our officers or the public. Brick and mortar is not as important as life.”

What does it say when the police can’t even protect themselves? It’s a weakness.

George Floyd’s death was a travesty, but that does not give rioters the right to burn down the city. These people are criminals.

To make it worse, vicious Al Sharpton is heading to Minneapolis to stir the pot. The media has been completely dishonest, except for Fox News. They are calling the rioters, ‘protesters.’ Ali Velshi on MSNBC falsely claimed this morning that the rioters are mostly peaceful as a building went up in flames behind him.

This is shameful. The police were kept from putting up any defense. Minneapolis looks like Kabul.


President Trump warned this morning that when the looting starts, shooting starts.

Trump also expressed anger about those who were rioting because they were “dishonoring the memory of George Floyd.”

He is not happy with the weak mayor either.

“I can’t stand back & watch this happen to a great American City, Minneapolis. A total lack of leadership. Either the very weak Radical Left Mayor, Jacob Frey, get his act together and bring the City under control, or I will send in the National Guard & get the job done right,” Trump tweeted. “These THUGS are dishonoring the memory of George Floyd, and I won’t let that happen. Just spoke to Governor Tim Walz and told him that the Military is with him all the way. Any difficulty and we will assume control but, when the looting starts, the shooting starts. Thank you!”


People like the editor at The Daily Beast, Molly Jong Fast, are deliberately fanning the flames to stir up racial discord and get black people to the polls to vote for Democrats. The CNN crew, including a black reporter, Omar Jimenez, were taken into custody. Jimenez said the police were “cordial” after they were put in the van. They were released within an hour and their equipment was returned.

The Daily Mail and CNN are making this about race, however,  the ‘white crew’ was taken into custody as well. It wasn’t about race.




  1. President Trump DID NOT say the National Guard would shoot anybody, he said if looting started there would be shooting. Didn’t you see vids of armed shop owners standing in front of their businesses? One looter WAS shot by a pawnshop owner. What about President Trump’s statement was wrong?

    • You’re right, of course, rushed the writing of that. It’s corrected. There’s nothing wrong with the President’s statement.

  2. Minnesotastan got the full cornucopia of vibrant diverse enrichment which is our strength comrade.
    Forward to the glorious magic soil we’re all equal and the same people’s collective utopia!

  3. SF White you’re 110% CORRECT!! POTUS stated that “When businesses are LOOTED, shooting begins” BUT!! HE won’t tolerate THAT!

    THAT is when the N.G. enter and STOP the VANDALISM & KILLING!!!

    I witnessed the DETROIT RIOTS of the 60’s & THIS is simply “ANTIFA” / “BLM” et al….which HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CARING ABOUT GEORGE FLOYD!!! They’re animals!!! BUT!

    When the N.G. arrive, the streets BETTING CLEAR…because the N.G.’s aren’t trained to shake hands, OR hug anyone!!! BEWARE RIOTERS!!!

  4. Arson is a felony and results in the deaths of innocent people; therefore arsonists who continue these action can legally be shot. Agitators like Al Sharpton must be arrested and charged with “Inciting Violence/Riot.”

  5. There was quite a bit of Antifa markings throughout the devastation. It is high time this organization if labeled a “domestic terrorist” by the FBI. Wray was asked on this matter and essentially dismissed it.

  6. I watched the mayor last night and he is about as worthless as one can get. He was asked, “What’s your plan”. He went on an irrelevant speech not answering the question. He was subsequently asked again several times, “what’s your plan”. In the end, “he’s talking with people”. He was silent throughout the ordeal, Until Trump’s twitter posts and only then posted a couple of his own. Only much later after a couple news stations were asking “where’s the mayor” did he finally come out from his bunker. The man should be called “Mayor Runaway”. I thought of this at the time.

  7. Can anyone point out to me where WHITE PEOPLE did the looting that has been shown here, and there, and there, and there?
    Seriously. What is it about Blacks that cause them to destroy their own neighborhood and local businesses? What?
    I am not a racist (let me say, “I have Black friends”….like EVERYONE has to say if criticizing a Group)…but this SEEMS to be a BLACK condition, only.
    WHY? Serious question. Seeking serious answer, thx.

    • Actually there Were MANY whites involved in the past two nights. It was whites who were involved in the 3rd precinct arson attack. A lot of the window breaking was also done by whites. The entire affair was multi-racial involvements.

      • This is true, but the locals are saying that these “whites” are not from there. Most likely Antifa/anarchist agitators.

        • If there is some way, any way, to determine outsides came to town to loot and destroy, And, if it can be found to be organized, Then Federal charges Can be brought Against those people. But all those if’s are difficult to uncover.

  8. Another well run Democratic controlled city. Enjoy. Stop burning down your neighborhood. Go out to the richest white neighborhood and burn it to the ground. That will really get their attention.

    • Don’t think the cowards that did this crap will have the stomach for that. Too many homeowners are armed and there will be a price for antifa and their lackeys to pay. Here there is no resistance because the mayor has no stones or even a clue of what to do. Elections do have consequences don’t they.

    • They show up in the white neighborhoods they will need to bring their own body bags or they will be shoved in unmarked mass graves. Otherwise the carrion eaters will have them. Here in the south the ‘gators will take care of them. They may have cars to get them to the white neighborhoods, but they will never get out alive in any setting of civil disorder. My neighborhood has 1 road in. Other routes require crossing alligator infested waters. Try it here and we won;t even have body disposal issues. Shoot rioter on sight.

  9. The Minnesota governor was just asked about releasing inmates during Covid. He avoids the question. It would be good to know what types of criminals were set free before these riots .

  10. Anybody wonder if ol’ george soros wasn’t the one who paid antifa and blm and also al sharpman to come on in and make it worse. We all have to learn how to live with each other all over …again? I’m not a racist, never have been, not gonna’ start now. That black man those cops killed should be charged with murder and why the hell didn’t someone, anyone jump in and stop that cop…..would be better than burning down your whole dam city. What the hell is happening to our society?

    • BLM is protesting during the day. Word is that they are calling for the rioting to stop. Not a fan of BLM, but place the blame where it is deserved. Leftist Antifa/ anarchist troublemakers.

  11. This is domestic terrorism…people in the third precinct were told to stay in their homes, do not go out for fear of your life…mayor withdraws the police? Arson, 170 businesses destroyed, looting…BLM and Antifa…George Soros funded organizations. George Soros puts the mayor, governor, AG into power with his generous monetary support during their campaigns for a reason. Soros bible, “Rules for Radical”…He has now entered the create chaos, fear, civil unrest by having his paid for puppets letting out prisoners from jail, paying organizations to violently protest all to destroy the US. If you want this to stop, you will have to “cut off the head of the poisonous snake”…

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