CNN crew arrested on live TV in Minneapolis


The CNN crew was arrested for an hour last night as they began their report on live TV.

The Daily Mail and CNN tried to make this arrest about race but the ‘white’ crew was also arrested. The crew members were taken to a van for an hour and then released. It’s odd, maybe outrageous, but there could be more to it. Maybe I missed something. The crew didn’t move instantly. In any case, it has nothing to do with race [and at least it was CNN, some see them as the criminal network.]

Jimenez, in a live shot, had started his report to New Day co-anchors John Berman and Alisyn Camerota when police forces lined up behind him. Jimenez could be heard telling police authorities “wherever you want us we will go. We’re getting out of your way when you were advancing through the intersection. Let us know and we’ve got you.”

When he was interrupted by arresting officers, Jimenez said, “I’m sorry? Do you mind telling me why I’m under arrest, sir? Why am I under arrest, sir?”

They needed them to move immediately perhaps

Then they arrested them. Crazy.



  1. Remember when Hussein legalized fake news, false flags and agitprop under the NDAA?
    It wasn’t like any of that was something new but now it has the official seal of approval from the bestest government that money can buy.
    Minnesotastan probably didn’t ask for most of Somalia to be imported but enough did set out the welcome mat.
    Too bad so sad about the magic soil Benetton rainbow ad not working out for the comrades.

  2. Not that I lament the police hassling a crew of CNN liars…but it seems they should have been out arresting folks who were looting stores and burning the city (and the 3rd Precinct! LOL!) but I guess hassling CNN was a LOT safer for the cops…bravo, “heroes.”

  3. This “news “crew was given orders to move on numerous occasions and they took it upon themselves to disobey the directive. If you look at the video they are clearly in the way of a sweep and the only civilians in the area.

    Getting the scoop doesn`t give you license to hamper LEOs in a very dangerous situation.

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