Mayorkas: no illegals deported unless a national security threat


The Biden Administration issued new guidelines Thursday to immigration officers that say being an undocumented person [illegal aliens] should “not alone be the basis” for being deported.

Mayorkas creates his own laws and should be arrested.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said in statement that the department will focus their resources on apprehending and removing undocumented immigrants who are a threat to the national security, public safety and border security of the United States, USA Today reports.

In other words, the border is open, ICE is abolished, and Border Patrol are babysitters.

He sent a memo to ICE basically banning them from deporting almost anyone.

But you can’t be a terrorist. However, try and prove to Mayorkas that you found one — a challenge.

The illegal aliens are being lured in by socialist Democrats.


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