Destruction of freedom in Bath! Segregation armbands!


Unvaccinated Students Told to Wear Different Coloured Wristbands So They Can be Segregated

First-year students at the University of Bath, a very left-wing city, have been given colored armbands distinguishing double-vaccinated, and unvaccinated.

“Freshers have been given wristbands to signal whether they are vaccinated against coronavirus amid anger at emerging “two-tier” university campuses,” reports the Telegraph.

“Students arriving this week at the University of Bath have been given a different coloured wristband on club nights if they can prove in advance they are double jabbed, or have Covid-19 immunity.”

Those who cannot prove they’ve been vaccinated are segregated.

Vaccine passports are being enforced on campuses although the government hasn’t been able to impose them on the country. Various studies found they would be discriminatory and ethically unsound.

Meanwhile, in Australia, the people are trying to fight the growing tyranny.

They are doing it for The New World Order, the Build Back Better socialist world:

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