McCabe’s GoFundMe Nears $500K, He Lied 4 Times, Twice Under Oath


An internal FBI report that was used as part of the grounds to fire Deputy Director Andrew McCabe includes testimony from his former boss James Comey that conflicts with public statements McCabe has made about his firing, CNN reported Friday.

McCabe has all along maintained he had the authority to speak with The Wall Street Journal in October 2016 about the Clinton Foundation. Comey’s testimony to the Office of Professional Responsibility [OPR] disputes that.

McCabe Gets $500,000

Since being fired, McCabe has publicly claimed that his sharing of information was “not a secret” from Comey and other superiors. It was within his authority, he claimed.

McCabe also has secured a half-million dollars from a crowdfunding page, largely because of the media support. The original cap was $150,000 and McCabe raised it to $250,000. It has exceeded his expectations at $500,000 – so far – thanks to 11,861 donors.

This page shows a photo of him with his good-looking family – wife, two kids – and their dog. It’s a nice touch.

On his gofundme page, he calls his career “long, distinguished, and unblemished”.

Not everyone agrees. One former special agent has a different view.

The Four Lies

Unfortunately for him, Comey told the Justice Department’s Inspector General that he had no memory of McCabe mentioning he authorized officials to share details of the probe into the Clinton Foundation.

One source told CNN it was likely a miscommunication and McCabe’s recollections were much clearer.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), a congressman who viewed the OPR report and called for McCabe’s firing, said the document cites four instances of McCabe lying about his interactions with the press: once to Comey, once to FBI investigators and twice to the Office of the Inspector General. He lied twice under oath.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions cited what he said were unauthorized disclosures in his statement on firing McCabe, and said the former deputy director displayed a “lack of candor” on multiple occasions, including under oath.

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5 years ago

Need to find out who the donors really are.

Tim Shepperson
Tim Shepperson
5 years ago

These libs don’t have a problem aiding and abetting, after all they did it for eight years with BHO and his mob of thugs and liers.