McConnell Might Be Fueling a Phony DeSantis -Trump Feud


The New York Times is now exploiting the alleged feud between Ron De Santis and Donald Trump. Whether it’s exaggerated, we can’t say but we don’t believe most of it.

RINOs and Democrats want the two at war. Certainly, The NY Times does. However, if both run for President, it won’t be pleasant.

Frauds Maggie Haberman and Jonathan Martin wrote the piece. The story is based on anonymous reports and it’s written by Trump haters for an anti-Republican and hateful corporation.


They claim that Trump is unhappy with DeSantis because he won’t say if he will bow out if Trump decides to run for president in 2024. DeSantis doesn’t owe him that but Trump allegedly feels he does. That could be a complete lie.

According to the Times, Trump believes he made DeSantis famous and allegedly says in private that De Santis is boring. That’s probably a lie.

Trump hasn’t criticized Governor DeSantis by name but did rip “gutless” politicians who won’t say if they are vaccinated, probably referencing DeSantis.

In response it seems, DeSantis appeared to criticize Trump’s backing lockdowns on Ruthless, a podcast co-hosted by McConnell’s longtime adviser Josh Holmes.

However, in the spring of 2020, no one knew anything. It was a reasonable action to take. He’s certainly against them now.

DeSantis himself issued a stay-at-home order in April 2020.

The Times writers added an Ann Coulter tweet:  EXCLUSIVE: Trump is demanding to know Ron DeSantis’s booster status, and I can now reveal it. He was a loyal booster when Trump ran in 2016, but then he learned our president was a liar and con man whose grift was permanent. I hope that clears things up.

Coulter herself has become irrelevant.

The Times asked for comment and she added: Trump is done. You guys should stop obsessing over him.

She then tweeted that she was misquoted. What she claims to have said was: My housekeeper is better positioned in the party than Trump is. Trump is done. You guys should stop obsessing over him.


NBC News reports that Biden’s advisers blame Mitch McConnell for the bad press between the two. This too could be a lie.

Both DeSantis’s and Trump’s advisers have denied any real issue between them, and they blame “the media” for overhyping tensions. Trump advisers say they see a hidden hand at play: that of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., who is in a battle with Trump over the future of the Republican Party in political races all over the country.

It’s obvious McConnell has never been much of a supporter and DeSantis might be more palatable. He might also see him as someone he could defeat. McConnell wants Nikki Haley or someone like her.

After the Holmes podcast, Trump’s staff saw it as a setup, probably by McConnell. It certainly would fit with McConnell’s tactics in general.

“I like Josh. Josh is great. But he’s a wholly-owned subsidiary of McConnell World. And there’s no way you can tell me that this was all a coincidence,” a top Trump adviser said, echoing four others who spoke on condition of anonymity because they didn’t have the authorization to speak publicly about private discussions in his political shop.

“Also, DeSantis and his staff knew what they were doing. How many Florida general election voters are listening to the Ruthless podcast?” the adviser asked in an interview. “Now, that said, they might have been hoping for more out of Ron, because, let’s face it, he didn’t really criticize Trump. But they knew the media would instantly jump on it and wish-cast it into existence.”


Trump is hardly done and might be the best person for the job. There is hardly anyone tougher than he is, although Ron DeSantis might be as tough.

Trump will be a target in a vicious way, perhaps DeSantis won’t get hit as hard. He’s not as unpopular – yet.

Additionally, Trump would only serve 4 years if he wins and DeSantis could serve for 8 years.

DeSantis is also young and Donald Trump will be 78 by November 2024, the same age as Biden when he took office. However, if Hillary runs, she will be 77.

Trump has a large, loyal following who would select him before DeSantis and DeSantis second. We don’t know how it would fall out.

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1 year ago

good one

1 year ago

Good one

1 year ago

good one

Jane Crutchfield
Jane Crutchfield
1 year ago

this is my scenario too but now that Casey is sick….

Bob Hogan
Bob Hogan
1 year ago

I knew it was a complete scam once again. Thank you for exposing it. When will these Lincoln project rinos stop taking the bait and latching on to every one of the democRats propaganda media “bombshells” against Trump?