McConnell said states can go bankrupt before Feds bail them out


Decadent, wastrel states like New York have spent money on failed solar projects, healthcare, and benefits for people here illegally, including criminals, and made promises for pensions they could ill-afford. In New York, the Governor has refused to open up fracking which would revitalize the entire downtrodden upstate.

New York and states like New York now hope to use the virus to pay off their debts and transfer them to the federal taxpayer who can ill afford it. That’s especially true since only about 53% of Americans pay federal taxes. Thank the Democrats for that.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., told “Bill Hemmer Reports” Wednesday that he has no plans to pass legislation to provide additional federal funding to state and local governments who he said are trying to “take advantage” of the coronavirus crisis to get help with their ballooning deficits.

“We are not interested in revenue replacement for state governments,” McConnell said. “We’re interested in trying to help them with anything related to the coronavirus … [but] we are not interested in solving their pension problems and all these other things that they would like for us to finance.”

Earlier Wednesday, McConnell announced that he is open to allowing states to declare bankruptcy as opposed to providing them with funds.


“What I’m saying is, we will take a pause,” McConnell told Bill Hemmer. “We’re gonna wait at least until May the 4th … before we provide assistance to state and local governments who would love for us to borrow money from future generations to make sure that they have no revenue losses.

“Before we make that decision,” he continued, “we’re going to weigh the impact of what we’ve already added to the national debt, and make certain that if we provide additional assistance for state and local governments, it’s only for coronavirus-related matters. We’re not gonna let them take advantage of this pandemic to solve a lot of problems [and] bad decisions they’ve made in the past.”

For the far-far-left, no amount of money we don’t have is too much. She’s so stupid. Democrats must be stopped.



  1. The glorious people’s republic of Illinois is in deep trouble regarding pensions.
    Read accounts of people on the job for about a month drawing a decades long pension.
    A moldy article from eons ago listed the states in the swirly bowl spiral.
    This is circa the last corporate/bankster bailout.
    WWIII is gonna rock! Assault Weimar Wheelbarrows strike fear into our external enemies.

    New Mexico
    South Carolina
    New York

  2. Why should the whole damn country bail out poorly run states. It sounded as if Cuomo wanted the Federal Government to wipe out his entire debt. There surely are some real con-men politicians out there.

    • The states that are being profoundly impacted by COVID pay FAR more in taxes than is returned. So go the economies of these states, Greg, so goes the nation.

      • Why would I pay attention to someone named Truth? You have no figures to support your claim. That’s not what I call truth. California and New York are loaded with federal projects, ever go there?

        I pay many thousands in taxes, I don’t get it returned. You set an invalid criteria.

        Your argument is to justify incredibly irresponsible spending, while claiming it will save the nation? I guess then the USA economy will collapse, because you want us to follow the collapsing model of California.

  3. Now if Mitch will just stick with this decision. Force the governments of those states to figure it out for themselves.
    Cuomo will be angling for help just like he did for the ventilators cuz he didn’t buy them when he had the chance.
    Pound sand Cuomo and the others. Time to pay the piper for all the freebies you gave the folks.

    • Mitch is a leftist spender pretending to be a tough guy. Big deal, he will wait 10 days before wasting billions more. Mitch spends based on what keeps him out of trouble with the media, for his election. The pattern over the years is clear. In the end, as usual, another huge bill will be created, and we won’t really know what is in it.

  4. This will backfire on the feds.

    New York is one of 11 states that pay more into the federal treasury than they get back out. Cutting them off from the federal treasury works both ways – if they get nothing back, why should they pay into it at all?

    Where the average state gets $1.19 in federal spending for every $1 the state puts in, New York gets only $0.90 for every $1 they put in.

  5. I am a resident of Illinois. Illinois has been totally mismanaged by the Democrat controlled Illinois Statehouse for decades. Led by the corrupt Chicago “Machine ” and House Speaker Madigan, who has been in the Illinois Congress since 1971 and Speaker since 1993. State lawmwkers have continually refused to address needed pension reforms that would make Illinois solvent again, a federal bailout would be a travesty and allow the crooks at yet another serving at the taxpayers expense.

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