McConnell’s preparing to move on Impeachment rules without Dems


Politico is reporting that Senate Republican leaders are almost ready to pass new Senate rules. They appear to have the needed 51 votes.

Speaker Pelosi is out of time.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s blueprint leaves the question of calling witnesses until after opening arguments, multiple senators told the outlet. It will mirror the rules for Bill Clinton’s trial.

It appears to ignore the Democrats’ demands. If the process was good enough for Clinton, it should still be good enough.

McConnell is working on consensus. Mitt Romney has already said he would like to hear from John Bolton who threw out his monkey wrench yesterday when he tweeted that he would testify if subpoenaed.

The pressure on Pelosi seems to be working since CNN now reports that she is looking to hand over the articles of impeachment this week. The way CNN couches her acquiescence is it was her strategy that has caused John Bolton to come out to say he will testify. We seriously doubt that Bolton is doing it to help out Pelosi.

Axios reports on the reactions. Chuck Schumer is accusing the President and Senator McConnell of a cover-up. Senator Collins wants to leave it open whether they call witnesses while Senator Murkowski wants to get to the first step — looking at the articles.

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