MD Gov says you have no constitutional right to ditch the mask


Maryland’s RINO Governor Larry Hogan claims those who refuse to wear face masks during the current pandemic are like drunk drivers. He declared that no one has a “constitutional right to walk around without a mask.”

He doesn’t even have the science to back him. The science is very iffy about the efficacy of mask-wearing.

He made the controversial statement at a Nov. 23 presser as Marylanders were preparing for the Thanksgiving holiday on November 26.

“It’s sort of like saying ‘I have a constitutional right to drive drunk.’ ‘I have a constitutional right not to wear a seat belt,’ or to yell fire in a crowded movie theater, or not to follow the speed limit,” he said, adding that many have already died from the CCP virus that causes the occasionally lethal disease COVID-19.

Masks? Meh

Two Oxford scientists recently published an article about the value of face masks. The article by Professor Carl Heneghan and Dr. Tom Jefferson, titled, “Landmark Danish Study Shows Face Masks Have No Significant Effect,” was first published in The Spectator.

The article was based on a Danish study that tried to determine whether masks effectively prevent coronavirus infections. It looked at two groups of 20 people, with participants in one of the groups wearing masks outside, and the people in the other groups not wearing masks at all. The study found that the infection rate for mask-wearers was 1.8% and 2.1% for those who did not wear a mask.

The Danish researchers said the difference in the infection rate between participants who wore a face mask and those who did not was statistically insignificant and that the results were “inconclusive.”

Heneghan and Jefferson summarized the study in their article and offered their own conclusion. They wrote that the study suggested masks’ effectiveness at mitigating the spread of the coronavirus is “small.”

Facebook trashed it because it doesn’t go along with the groupthink, but many studies suggest face masks don’t work much.

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Tilted Brim Cigarillo Poncho
Tilted Brim Cigarillo Poncho
3 years ago

I don’t take any health advice from fat sacks of RINO shit.