Media Hogg Is Showing Up In My Feed Again


The stage is set to demonize the pro-Second Amendment groups rallying at the Virginia Capitol Monday. The Democrat Antifa is bussed in, and the Governor, with the help of the Democrat media, has labeled the veterans and ordinary Americans as “domestic terror threats.”

Soros’ and Bloomberg’s groups are in attendance to stir up trouble.

David Hogg, the scrawny gun grabber from Parkland, claims he can’t attend the rally because Second Amendment supporters are too violent for “children.”

Hogg, in particular, has taken over Twitter as the platform joins in with what will be smearing of Americans who support the Bill of Rights.

David Hogg has not gotten any smarter at Harvard. At 19 or 20 years of age, he still calls himself a child. When does he grow up? He falsely claims in the clip that the innocent Americans who organized the rally are Nazis claiming to shoot children.

He presents no evidence because there is none. He’s lying as usual, and, ironically, he’s a fascist.

Tom Lahren explains what the rally is really about:

Does he look like a white nationalist to you??? He has a handicapped wife and he wants her protected.

Jim Hanson stands with Virginia!

The Second Amendment supporters kneel and pray every half hour as they wait for buses to take them to the Capitol. The lines were long early this morning.

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