Media Mum as Chicago Remains a Blood-soaked Killing Field for Minorities


Chicago suffered a deadly, blood-soaked Thanksgiving weekend.  There were 37 residents shot and 9 killed, as that city reached its 700th homicide for this year.  It was the second time that the horrific milestone was reached in the last two decades.

Police stats show a 53% increase in shootings and killings compared to the same time last year.

Here are some more specific figures, highlighting the stunning jump from 2019:

Shot and killed: 53 + 89%
Shot and Wounded: 289 + 81%
Total Shot: 342 + 82%
Total Homicides: 58 + 66%


2020’s overall numbers are staggering.  As of this writing, there have been 666 fatally shot, and 3244 wounded.  It works out to a person being shot every 2 hours and killed every 11 hours.

Virtually 96% of the murder victims have been minorities.  79.7% were Black while 16.2% were Hispanic.

In April, NBC Chicago reported one of the goals of the city’s police force was to keep the number of homicides below 300.

It’s interesting to note a couple of things about all this.  The media, while seemingly racing to cover every police-involved minority shooting, treats this kind of deadly mayhem targeting Chi-town minorities as a non-story.  Even their 5 professional sports franchises, who likely consider themselves pretty “woke” aren’t, to our knowledge, seen taking a knee to highlight the carnage in their own city.

Are they all waiting to get an OK from the hapless mayor Lori Lightfoot, or others, before coming to the aid of those suffering and dying in Chicago?

We shouldn’t hold our collective breaths.

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
3 years ago

What else is new? You can’t get any real news from these advocates and propagandists. They are far from objective.

Trousers Combat Camo
Trousers Combat Camo
3 years ago

Don’t cut your fingers on the gun free zone signs comrades.
Make sure and mask up while you’re out there spreading unity.
Lizard Lightfoot is getting her hair done for the good of the collective.
Check to see if your EBT card is charged up as it is first of the month.
Enjoy your golden utopia on Lake Michigan.