Mexican Cartel Thug Points a “Weapon of War” at Texas Dept. of Public Safety Helicopter


Mexican Cartel Thug Points a “Weapon of War”

at Texas Dept. of Public Safety Helicopter

Footage taken from a Texas Department of Public Safety helicopter shows a gunman aiming a weapon at the aircraft near the southern border.  This was shortly before a deadly shootout between suspected cartel members and the Mexican military, authorities told Fox News.

The nearly 3-minute video was taken as the chopper was patrolling the Rio Grande Valley Sector in Starr County, which sits on the U.S.-Mexico border. It shows someone on the Mexican side standing next to a vehicle and aiming an AK-47 at the helicopter.

The area where the footage was taken has been the site of a number of shooting incidents in recent months when American personnel have been targeted.

In February, Border Patrol agents with the Border Patrol Tactical Operations (BORTAC) were fired upon from Mexico. The agents returned fire but no one was hit.  In January, members of the National Guard were shot at by possible cartel members in the area.

This follows Iranian terrorists bragging about their launching of ballistic missiles close to our consulate in Iraq.  It’s increasingly open season on our brave personnel because there are no consequences coming from a feckless Biden administration.

What’s it gonna take?

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No Room For Traitors
No Room For Traitors
4 months ago

This just in from comrade kommissar Mayorakas (CPUSA/CCP):


Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
4 months ago

Does Joe Biden get 10% from those cartels?