Michigan Bill Guts Investigations of Election Fraud


Yesterday, Michigan Democrats passed a bill to make detecting and challenging election fraud nearly impossible.

Bill SB 603 prevents the board of canvassers from investigating election fraud concerns brought by voters ”

Senator Jim Runestad said, “Today, Democrats overturned 70 years of election law in order to commit a disgusting gutting of our election recount protections. The passage of this bill is a complete disgrace!”

The bill also strips the board of subpoena power and only allows them to “refer fraud” over to corrupt Attorney General and to prosecutors in the Democrat-controlled cities where the fraud is most likely to occur.

Under this bill, you cannot investigate election fraud. You can only investigate election “errors.” And if you try to claim fraud, they can use new powers introduced by the bill to penalize you because you’re engaging in “election interference.”

Michigan is one of the states that barred Republican poll watchers. They also tried to keep Donald Trump off the ballot. In 2020, GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel held a press conference and unveiled 131 affidavits and 2,800 incident reports documenting fraud and other irregularities in the election in Michigan – the media didn’t care.

Don’t skip the last minute.

Watch the entire speech:

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