Migrants: Free Healthcare, Sex Changes, Tuition, 20% on a Home


The Mayor of El Cajon, California, revealed that over 250,000 illegals have been dropped into San Diego County in the last ten months.

They get free healthcare, free sex changes (odd), free college tuition, and a nice 20% down payment on a home loan.

“The County of San Diego already spent $6 million on a migrant welcome center. They’ve just allocated another $19 million for that.”

Mayor Bill Wells said, If you live in California and you are a law-abiding citizen that pays the ridiculous taxes they charge, your own government is replacing you.

California has the highest taxes, highest gas prices, more homeless than any other state, rampant drug problems, and a huge budget deficit.

Our administration is trafficking women and children.

Everyone can vote without ID in California, and the illegals are pouring into the country.

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