Anarchy in Oakland! Mob Steals Everything in a Gas Station Mart


A mob of looters ransacked an Oakland gas station convenience store, causing thousands of dollars, perhaps $100,000, in damages. They took everything. It took the police nine hours to respond. Anarchy and lawlessness in Democrat cities is bringing the country down.

The invading horde had just attended a nearby car sideshow.

Owner Sam Mardaie estimated that approximately 80 to 100 people broke through his store’s front door and grabbed everything they could.

“Shelves were ripped apart, all the grocery items were torn or stepped on or vandalized,” Mardaie told the outlet.

The mob was reportedly upset they weren’t allowed inside the store as the business only offered window service during overnight hours.

Approximately $25,000 in cash was taken from the store’s register and ATM, but the looters couldn’t grab the safe.

The new Oakland mayor is a disaster, and the residents want to recall her. She’s even too progressive for Oakland.
The crime wave in Oakland is worse than ever:
  • Murders have soared from 78 in 2019 to 126 last year.
  • Crime overall increased by 18 percent in 2023.
  • Property crime is up 17 percent.
  • Violent crime is up 21 percent.
  • In the first four months of 2024, residential robberies soared by 118 percent on the same period last year.
  • One car per every 30 residents was also stolen in 2023.

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