Minnesota Teacher Training Compares White People to Mosquitos


Alpha News reported that the teacher training in New Prague, Minnesota, compares white people to blood-sucking mosquitos. An instructional video on microaggressions and inherent bias claims complimenting black people, if they speak well or have nice hair, is an insulting, blood-sucking offense.

There is another video – Hidden Biases – where a white store owner calls the police on two black children for loitering. Other stories about the boy include a white doctor implying that the boy’s mother broke his arm and a white mom and her child leaving the playground when the boy and his parents arrive.

The Superintendent, Andrew Vollmuth, said they’re “dedicated” to a culture that’s equal and inclusive, embracing people of diverse backgrounds.

It seems to apply to everyone except white people. It’s more of the oppressive-oppressed ideology.

This is nuts.

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