Watch a British Author Try to Discuss Male Suicides with the BBC


British comic and author Geoff Norcott tried to discuss male suicides and his book, The British Bloke Decoded, with a BBC panel and two female guests.

I wonder if you men out there will find it as frustrating as I did. Every time he tried to discuss the issue, all the panel cared about was the alleged plight of women, Me Too, and all that.

It reminded me of the phony attacks on white men as rapists at Duke, the University of Virginia, Columbia University, and other liberal schools that were all found to be false. In the Duke case, the dishonest stripper ended up stabbing her boyfriend. The University of Virginia case was made up. The same thing was true of the woman at Columbia University. Even after the female accuser at Columbia was found to be a liar, she went up to collect her diploma with a mattress on her back.

When MeToo hit Hollywood, their representation of all white men was a sleazy womanizer named Harvey Weinstein. Everyone who knew him also knew of his abuses for years and did nothing. He’s rotting in a prison cell now.

The high rate of suicides is a serious problem, and the BBC couldn’t care less. We don’t know why they commit suicide since the panel only cares about women. The Guardian attributes it to the pandemic, but it’s been happening since before.

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Reader mostly
Reader mostly
2 months ago

Thank you for watching and summarizing on our behalf.

The masses are weaker divided. The last couple generations got suckered and broke their social bonds, leaving people needy for acceptance and with a distorted view of approval. Fad of the week… hate the patriarchy. Until it bites. Meanwhile, the schemers use immature playground rules, because it works on undeveloped minds. And the sad guys wonder what the hay went wrong.

My nephew asked me, a few years back, what’s the meaning of life? We were standing in an open field with birds flying around and 4000 acres of woodland and valleys surrounding us. “Living,” I offered. Who knows? He seemed satisfied. I mean, what’s the alternative?

A lot of kids get drilled into them that certain groups suffer injustice and pain more. The kids feel bad, but it’s a lie. Everybody has pain. My solution is to live your life, help where possible, and shun people who blame you for something you have no control over. And pack some laughter and joy.