Mitch Fears Trump Will Overturn the Constitution as Dems Overturn It


A reporter asked Mitch McConnell if he would support Donald Trump if he were the Republican nominee for President. McConnell said, “What I’m saying is, it would be pretty hard to be sworn into the presidency if you’re not willing to uphold the constitution.”

If Mitch McConnell thinks Donald Trump wants to overturn the Constitution after his recent tweet, fine, maybe he does. But where is he as Democrats completely trash the Constitution in real-time?

We have open borders, no immigration laws, no asylum laws, nothing. And a Border Patrol agent died today chasing illegal aliens flooding the border. Thousands upon thousands a day of unvetted, anonymous people are flooding the border.

Biden’s giving amnesty to hundreds of anonymous illegal aliens at a clip without legal basis.

We have criminals being released early from prisons and not incarcerated for serious crimes.

Biden is spending money no one said he could spend. He’s accelerating the war in Ukraine.

He follows no laws and bends them at will. Illegal college loan forgiveness is one example of an unconstitutional act he’s pushing.

Democrats want to abolish free speech, take our guns, destroy the Electoral College, stack the Court, tax American middle class into oblivion, and any number of other unconstitutional actions. They want to overturn capitalism, our economic system. Where is Mitch on any of that? Does anyone know?

There is no end, so Mitch, keep your false indignation to yourself. Mitch is an America Last enabler. At 82 years of age, it’s time for him to retire.


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