Mitch McConnell Is Stepping Down in November


It’s good news and bad news. The good news is Mitch McConnell is stepping down as Republican leader in November. The bad news is it’s not sooner. To me, he seems like he has some kind of mental issue, which has been noticeable since his first fall. He hesitates at times when he speaks.

It’s an opportunity for change, but they want RINO Thune in that position.

McConnell is the last of the McFails. He has 6% approval in a Monmouth poll, lower than cockroaches at 9%.

“This will be my last term as Republican Leader of the Senate… I’m not going anywhere… It’s time for the next generation of leadership.”

It was time for the next generation ABOUT TWENTY YEARS AGO! I wish he could take Chuck Schumer with him.

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