Mitch McConnell Wants DACA for Some Typical RINO Concession, Not a Wall


There is no appetite among Republicans or Democrats to truly do a thing about illegal immigration.

Hugh Hewitt asked RINO Mitch McConnell about it Sunday: “Is there a compromise to be had on immigration that will get us DACA, some border security, and some additional vetting from people from suspect countries?”

McConnell gave the usual RINO response, “Yeah, I think so, yeah, uh, the Democrats desperately want DACA, Republicans are not necessarily opposed to that. The President has set it up in such a way that we have an incentive to act here because he’s given us six months to come up with a proposal.”

Many of the Republican establishment fully support it.

“I think that there ought to be something related to making the American legal immigration system better achieved along with DACA,” he continued.

He has no intention of doing anything meaningful as he rams DACA down our throats with DAPA undoubtedly to follow. McConnell concluded that the compromise, “…could be border security, it could be ending chain migration, it could be the diversity quotas, but something that ‘tangibly improves’ the legal immigration system in this country, I think, ought to be attached to DACA.”

One thing is for certain. Whatever the concession is, it will be something the next President can reverse.

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