MLB Is Back in Atlanta and No Voting Law Has Changed


Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, a Republican, lured Major League Baseball (MLB) back to Atlanta. The MLB left when they were supposed to honor Hank Aaron, where he played ball – in Atlanta.

However, because of the voting integrity laws passed in the state, the MLB left for Colorado. Honoring Hank Aaron in Colorado is kind of ridiculous.

They say they support black people, yet the people who were hurt were black people. Black businesspeople lost a lot of money, and the black community didn’t get to see the celebration of Hank Aaron.


The MLB executive suite claimed the laws would mean fewer black people would vote. They suggested that black people were too stupid to get ID’s. Aside from being insulting beyond belief, it’s never been true. The laws were very reasonable. There was nothing wrong with them, and they were lying about them.

It was politicized so progressive Democrats, social justice warriors, could have their candidates win elections.  The voter suppression line is a scam. The truth is that proportionally, black people come out to vote more than whites. There is no evidence black voters are suppressed – quite the opposite.

The MLB did not support having laws to support free and fair elections. Back in 2021, the MLB powers-that-be succumbed to pressure from major corporations that jumped on the woke bandwagon to spread the trope that election integrity reforms are voter suppression.

The All-Star Game was moved in a political protest out of Atlanta. It was moved to Colorado, which, ironically, offered fewer accommodations to voters than Georgia.

It was never really about voter integrity laws. It was an opportunity for political activists to jump in and cause chaos.

So, the MLB announced Thursday that the hosts of the 2025 All-Star Game are the Atlanta Braves. The game will go back to Truist Park.

Commissioner Rob Manfred announced Thursday that the 2025 All-Star Game and the accompanying All-Star Week events have been awarded to the Braves, the third time Atlanta will host the Midsummer Classic.

“I commend Terry McGuirk, Derek Schiller, the entire Braves organization, and the Atlanta Sports Council for leading this effort,” Manfred said. “As a model of success on and off the field, the Braves deserve to host the All-Star Game. Truist Park and The Battery Atlanta will provide fans with a world-class experience in 2025. We look forward to working with the Braves and local leaders to deliver a memorable All-Star Week that brings people together and benefits the community in many ways.”

We are going back to earning the privilege of hosting the game now and not forcing political opinions on baseball fans, are we!

“We are thrilled that Major League Baseball has awarded the Atlanta Braves the 2025 All-Star Game,” said McGuirk, the Braves’ chairman. “Time and time again, Atlanta has proven to be a world-class destination for the most exciting entertainment and sporting events. I am excited that baseball fans will have the opportunity to experience Truist Park and The Battery Atlanta along with all this area has to offer. Over the coming months, we look forward to working alongside MLB to create memorable experiences that will showcase and support our community.”


I do not like Manfred. He’s a political hack, but it’s good the All-Star game is going back to Atlanta, and it never should have left.

Governor Brian Kemp is vindicated. They knew they were frauds, and the whole deal was to get Biden and his hardcore leftist senators more votes in Georgia because, duh, RAAACISM.

“Georgia’s voting laws haven’t changed, but it’s good to see the MLB’s misguided understanding of them has,” Kemp said in a statement Thursday. “We look forward to welcoming the All-Star Game to Georgia.”

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