MLK Jr, A Man of Freedom & Equality, Not Equity


It’s Martin Luther King Jr.’s day, and we should all remember he never promoted abortion or identity politics. He stood for the opposite. He didn’t want people to be judged by the color of a person’s skin but by the content of their character.

Al Sharpton spent the day race-baiting. He spoke with some of MLK’s family, and they commiserated about Elon Musk wondering if the Alaska Airlines flight issues were due to diversity hires. Naturally, Sharpton wants to make it about racism.

For Sharpton, whose entire career is based on race-hustling, it will always be 1964 or maybe even 1864, but he can’t make money over 2024 unless he goes back in time.

It’s too bad that his family didn’t carry on the legacy of a non-racist society. I do think we owe something to black people, but that doesn’t include racism against white people.

All people need equal opportunities to be free.

This is from The King Center:

Drawing inspiration from both his Christian faith and the peaceful teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. King led a nonviolent movement in the late 1950s and ‘60s to achieve legal equality for African-Americans in the United States. While others were advocating for freedom by “any means necessary,” including violence, Martin Luther King, Jr. used the power of words and acts of nonviolent resistance, such as protests, grassroots organizing, and civil disobedience to achieve seemingly-impossible goals. He went on to lead similar campaigns against poverty and international conflict, always maintaining fidelity to his principles that men and women everywhere, regardless of color or creed, are equal members of the human family.

Equality, not Marxist equity.

People like to put words in his mouth that he never said. I can only go by his words, and there is no evidence he supported affirmative action or identity politics.

The following is not appropriate:

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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 month ago

Interesting read. King sounds better in this article than I remember.