Mom bursts into tears at the condition of the looted supermarkets


A mom cries over the devastation to all the supermarkets in her “hood” on a video posted by Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire. He didn’t know where the store was located. She has gone to several markets and can’t even get food to feed her children due to the condition of the stores. The mom walked through the aisles of the supermarket, documenting the condition of the market. Every shelf was stripped and goods lay damaged on the floor.

The lady blamed the black people for letting the white people set them off, but perhaps it was more about the media riling people up.

We also have liberals/leftists/Democrats claiming looting is okay. We’re not seeing much in the way of punishments for these radicals and criminals.


“Look at this, every grocery store looks like this,” the Mom says. “Everything is … on the floor. Look at this … in my hood, can’t even get no food for my kids.”

“But this is what we’re fighting for; this is honoring George Floyd,” the woman says sarcastically. “People who already couldn’t feed their kids, now they really can’t feed their kids.”

“I am so devastated right now,” she added, bursting into tears.

“This is not OK, for us to have to live like this,” the woman says through tears. “We do stupid s**t like this all the time and we so ‘black proud,’ we so ‘black and proud’ that we ain’t never gonna be honest and be real about what’s really going on.”

“Y’all are so wrong for this,” she said directly to the looters who destroyed the store. “You came in your neighborhood and f—ed up your s–t.”

Matt Walsh captioned the video, “To all of you tolerant liberals who displayed your wokeness by justifying rioting while sitting on your fat comfortable asses totally insulated from the damage, this is what you supported. This is on you. Congratulations you despicable monsters.”

This video is sad, terrible really:

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Jean Harvey
Jean Harvey
3 years ago

Every time there are protests etc. the very neighborhoods that the protesters are talking about are worsened by their very own destruction. Then blame everyone else. Like “Candice Owens says: admit the destruction is wrong. Hold your selves accountable. Stop pointing fingers at others and say it is ‘their fault’. No it is not. It is yours.

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
3 years ago

For decades minorities complained they had to go to “White” neighborhoods to buy food and other necessities. They complained their neighborhoods looked like war zones. Looking at this video it appears before the riots this store in this lady’s neighborhood looked pretty nice and up to date modern. Somebody, whether an individual store owner or corporate food chain, invested a lot of money in this store in this Black neighborhood and look at what they did to it. No, not everybody but enough of her neighbors participated in the carnage makes you realize why the ghetto will always look like a war zone, it is. Sure makes me want to invest in minority neighborhoods. NOT!