Mom of man killed by police he tried to kill says she’s “ready to shoot & kill them now”


Intrepid reporter Andy Ngo is getting the truth out as mobs riot in Portland and in other cities, buoyed by their allies in the press and on social media. One example is that of Letha Wilson talking about her son, the late Patrick Kimmons at the Justice Center.

The story being told by media is that the mother is furious and her son was murdered by police in 2018. She spoke of driving while black.

Andy Ngo hashtagged Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler to let him know this is the kind of speech the mob hears daily outside the Justice Center.

The BLM  speaker says officers should have been strangled by the umbilical cord as babies, and she’s ready to shoot and kill them now.

The speaker who is inciting the crowd to violence is the mother of Patrick Kimmons, who was killed by police after he shot two people in downtown and aimed his revolver at responding police.


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