Moore Cut, David Irving Is Last Remaining Player to Dishonor the Flag on the Cowboys


Damontre Moore has been cut from the Dallas Cowboys after raising the black power fist following the playing of the anthem. Allegedly he wasn’t cut for disrespect of our flag and country but it didn’t help.

The Cowboys’ coach Jason Garrett stated publicly that cutting Moore was a “roster move” and the “best decision for our team,” as reported by NBC sports.

Damontre Moore was one of two players to make the raised fist gesture, along with defensive tackle David Irving, who the team earlier this year suspended for four games without pay after failing a drug test.

Moore said he meant no disrespect towards the military with his protests.

In July, Moore was suspended for violating rules on substance abuse. He was cut by the Giants in 2015 for violating team rules, which included an altercation with a teammate.

With Moore gone, only a disrespectful Irving is left. Irving has a bad history of arrests and domestic abuse plus he does not honor the country.

Jerry Jones has made it clear he won’t tolerate players who disrespect the flag and the anthem. Irving has a lot of strikes against him and needs to rethink his position.

Perhaps the NFL has to stop letting criminals play.

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Frank Neuman
Frank Neuman
6 years ago

As an old man and a very physically sick one at that . All I felt I had left in my life of likes was the fall of the year and football . I no longer have that anymore as I havent watched one game since this hatred from these spoiled players was displayed against our Country .I will never watch another NFL game , ever again .