More Kids Shot in Chicago Than Have Died In US From COVID-“Cavalier” Biden Remains Mum


More Kids Shot in Chicago Than Have Died In US From COVID-“Cavalier” Biden Remains Mum

Last Friday Joe Biden, unhappy with pushback against his authoritarian COVID mandates, accused GOP governors “of being….cavalier with the health of …”.

What continues to escape Hunter’s Father, is the health and safety of children in Chicago.  In a report, stunning even from the Windy City, we learned more children have been the victims of gun violence in Chicago this year than have died from COVID-19 across the entire country.  The info comes from Joe’s very own Centers for Disease Control and Protection.

The CDC reported that 214 children 17-years old or younger have died of COVID-19 nationwide so far this year — compared to 261 Chicago kids who have been victims of gunfire in Chicago, according to police statistics reported by Fox News.

More children have been fatally shot on the streets of Chicago than have died of COVID-19 in the entire state of Illinois!

Police have reported 41 deaths of children under 18 in Chi-town so far this year. In the state of Illinois, deaths of children from COVID-19 totaled 25, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Over Labor Day weekend, 63 people were shot in Chicago, including eight children. Among the six fatalities was a 4-year-old boy from Alabama who was killed while getting his hair done in an apartment last week.

Emperor Joe is more concerned about people following his decrees to get shots, then the number of kids being shot in one of our largest cities.

Talk about being “offhand, and often disdainful of important matters”.  That would be the definition of cavalier, which defines Biden’s attitude towards the shootings and murders of kids, including a 4-year-old, in Chicago.



  1. More children are dying of diseases created by the mask mandates than Covid. I suspect kids are getting RSV because they being cooped up indoors instead of outside playing.

  2. Uncanny, just read that it is 3000 shootings on the year. Just some poor people as some lives are a little more equal than others.
    No comment from sportsball players that make millions while sweatshop laborers make Nikes for twenty cents?
    Just think of all the money you’ll save on not having to travel to see the world bazaar.
    Beirut, Kabul, Baghdad, Beijing, will come to Chiquitastan. Yes we can!
    Don’t tap on Lizard Lightfoot’s fishbowl is still the best meme.
    No interview for you YT cracka reporter!

  3. This article shows how racist the fake BLM movement has been. Not a word of protest, no marches, no nuffin about all the shootings. These shootings are black on black by a huge margin but still no word from that ugly-assed mayor of Shitcago or any of the “community leaders”/ No, they continue to criticize cops and ignore the goings on of all the hood rats. No wonder blacks in the hood are considered third class citizens and animals. It’s way past time the black community start cleaning their own house before sticking their 13% noses into things they don’t understand. Stop being such racist idiots and clean your own issues up.

  4. Democrats hate black people….if abortion doesn`t take out blacks kids their lawless society they created will. Just wait and see how many kids die after they are forced to get the jab.

  5. I’m surprised Lightfoot doesn’t just tell folks to double up on masks to thwart the gunfire. Masks will protect people from gunfire as well as they protect people from Covid.

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