Morning Joe says if Trump resigns, virus patients will be safe


Morning Joe claims “lives could be saved” if Trump agreed to leave office. Mika and Joe think senior citizens would be safer under Democrats.

We know for a fact that that’s not true. A Democrat in New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo made senior citizens far less safe. He forced them into nursing homes with the virus, although nursing homes aren’t hospitals and ill-equipped to handle them. Then there is the obvious, the most vulnerable to the disease are in these nursing homes.

At one point, 25% of the deaths from coronavirus were in nursing homes. Cuomo just reversed his abominable policy.

Cuomo should have known better since the first deaths from the virus were in nursing homes in Washington State. It was clear the elderly are seriously affected by it.

The other problem is that Democrats are in bed with China and WHO. Joe Biden and his son enriched themselves off China.

These two Morning Joe hosts, Mika and Joe, along with others, keep asking why Republicans are so afraid to take on Donald Trump. That’s a political stunt. Republicans are not afraid of the President. He has over 90% support from Republicans.

Watch these two clowns play political games to manipulate you:

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