Most Canadians Hold Negative Views of Politicians Supporting Trucker Protesters


According to a state media poll, 70% of Quebec Canadians and 58% of those in the Prairies view any politician supporting the trucker protest negatively. It might be inaccurate since it is government media.

Is Canada over as a free nation? If they don’t believe in protests, it’s possible. However, the State media demonized the truckers from the outset.

The survey, which was conducted by Nanos and commissioned by CTV News, found about 70 percent of participants would have a more or somewhat more negative impression of a politician in such a case, with residents in Quebec more likely to hold a more negative view (70 percent) than those from the Prairies (58 percent).

“These negative impressions cut across gender, they cut across every age group, they cut across every region.

According to Nanos, about 13 percent of respondents said they would view a politician who openly supported the protest more positively, eight percent said they would hold a somewhat more favorable view, eight percent said it would have no impact, and two percent were unsure.

“I think the fact of the matter is, is that for many Canadians, they saw it as disruptive. You know, even though many sympathized with what I’ll say is the frustration of the pandemic and the frustration with the lockdowns, I think the fact of the matter is, is where the truckers’ protest ended, and now it’s ended up in court with criminal charges, it’s basically bad news,” Nanos said.

The criminal charges seem unfair, but it doesn’t matter. Just charging is enough to turn off voters. The Left likes to misuse the criminal justice system.

Women and people over 55 were more negative.

Then again, a new report indicates that Canadians feel the government was too hard on the protesters.

Prime Minister Trudeau has control of the media, so, who knows.

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Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 year ago

I am in the 30%

I am a conservative.

Even though I am a French Canadian, I am anti-left, very much pro-USA and pro-Trump.

Quebec, where I live, is definitely full of leftists, but they are leftist by ignorance, by default.

I no longer go on forums in quebec, but years ago when I used to, it was shocking to see how the average French Quebecer is ignorant of facts and is brainwashed by the lying media.

The main stream media in Canada are as bad as CNN and the New York Times; they say the same type of lies, are into the same pro-left propaganda, they constantly bash the right even fabricate false stories to bash the right.

There are still quebecers – to this day – that believe Trump told Americans to inject bleach in their arms to fight covid…that is how bad our media is here and how naive people are here.

Quebec is like California ; except we have snow in winter and we speak french,
but we have the same types of green and blue haired angry feminists,
the same types of brainwashed leftists that still believe that Hillary is innocent but that Trump is guilty of collusion with Russia…
we have the same type of hippies and freaks ( the Antifa type ) and weird artsy fartsy who believe the planet has a fever and we must get rid of petrol as fast as we can.
…that is why you will see a lot of Teslas in Quebec.

and so on and so forth.

I feel like I am on the wrong planet

1 year ago

I guess the Canadians like the idea of owning nothing.