Switzerland to Imprison People for 3 Years for Heating Rooms Over 66F


Switzerland plans to imprison residents for up to three years if they heat rooms above 66 degrees (19C).  The country also might fine people up to 3,000 Swiss Francs.

Well, sure, why not? These authoritarians think they can do anything they want.

In gas-heated buildings, water could not be heated to more than 140F (60C). Companies not abiding by the rule could face punishment.

They are under strict sanctions over the Ukraine war.

Radiant heaters would be banned, and saunas and swimming pools would have to be cold.

Speaking to Blick, Markus Sporndli, a spokesman for the Federal Department of Finance, explained that the rate for fines daily could start at 30 Swiss Francs (£26) and go up to a maximum fine up to 3,000 Swiss Francs (£2,667).

The measures are stated in the Federal Law on National Economic Supply, referred to by the Federal Department of Economic Affairs (EAER) in an official document.

It has been predicted that the proposed new measures could cause challenges and disputes up until September 22nd, leaving courts busy and the government dealing with a new “grey area,” according to the report.

Advising the government, the report states that senior police officer Fredy Fassler has told them to “only order measures that can be implemented, and above all, controlled.”

And he has said that the proposed new measures should be implemented with a “sense of proportion,” emphasizing that he does not think police should go from door to door.


According to the EU Times, these new rules are entirely fake and artificial. While Switzerland does NOT have its own gas reserves and was dependent on Russia, restricting electricity and banning radiant heaters shows how fake this whole “crisis” is.

Switzerland has enough electricity to power not only itself but neighboring countries as well. Almost 100% of its electricity production is “green,” not the new green like solar panels and windmills but the good old-fashioned hydroelectric dams and nuclear power plants. None of these power plants require Russian gas or any type of gas or burning to function and produce electricity. They produce electricity through turbine rotations just like a bike bottle dynamo functions.

According to the EU Times, despite the brazenly authoritarian restrictions, Economy Minister Guy Parmelin asserted, “We are not a police state.” However, he acknowledged police would perform “spot checks” to try to catch violators.

Many would suggest this is just a taste of a dystopian ‘net zero’ future where people who defy climate change ‘energy lockdowns’ face arrest and prison time.

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