Most colleges will face massive decline in students


Inside Higher Education‘ says college/university admissions officials are alarmed about the drop in college admissions, but not at Ivy Leagues, but rather at all the other colleges. A new book says most colleges — and the vast majority of nonelite institutions — are about to face a severe shortage of potential students.

It certainly is a big business at this point. The book, Demographics and the Demand for Higher Education, blames the drop in population on the fact that the young are delaying having a family [because tuition has put them in a lifetime hole].

The changing demographics with populations shrinking in what they might call flyover country is affecting entrance rates according to the book. [They’ve made it unaffordable for us commoners.]

They aren’t looking for ways to lower tuition, but they are looking to other ways to drum up students.

Their goal is to increase minority and foreign student participation. At the same time, they want to put these greedy unsustainable college costs on the back of federal taxpayers by making them tuition-free.


A Johns Hopkins Professor Gawe came up with a forecasting tool that he describes in the book [hopefully it’s better than the virus forecasting charts] that paints a bleak picture. He says certain “socio-economic groups”…”who will make up a growing share of the population tend to have lower college-going rates, on average, than groups whose share of the population will be shrinking. Based on his index, the outlook should scare most nonelite colleges.”

He’s talking about the third world foreigners pouring in for whom the left wants to give free college educations right now.

Basically, what the colleges want is to keep increasing tuition obscenely [or get federal taxpayers to foot the bill with “free tuition”], forcing students to borrow and take on massive debt. That leads to them not having children or having fewer children. These vultures have in essence destroyed their future sources of income it seems.

In addition, some might say many of their departments only exist to make money or indoctrinate students.

So, we should feel sorry for them? Many of them need to go away and not everyone needs or should get a college education. College/university officials never talk about lowering costs it seems.

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