Dem icon Maxine says heartless Trump only wants to hold ‘white power pep rallies’


Rep. Maxine Waters, who for decades did nothing for her rundown district, is bonkers again. She tweeted a statement filled with lies that she may or may not believe.

“Trump doesn’t care about the 80,000+ people who’ve died from #Coronavirus! He only wants to open up the economy so he can go back to having his white power pep rallies! The death & economic devastation we are facing is b/c Trump failed to act early & called #COVID19 a HOAX!” she said.

If we don’t open the economy soon, we will see permanent economic devastation.

The Democrat icon knows the President never called the virus a hoax. That information has been widely circulated. It’s on video.

President Trump doesn’t hold white power rallies. He cares about black people and has done a lot for them. Waters is a racist and when she sees white faces, she flips out.

She also said he cares nothing about the virus victims, yet she did nothing to help in the effort to get PPEs and other aid. It was the President who recommended closures and turned the world upside down to get PPEs to everyone who needed them and, remarkably, he did.

President Trump acted promptly as the truth came through. He followed the lead of the doctors and the CDC who thought it wasn’t going to be anything to be concerned about. On March 9, Dr. Fauci said young, healthy people could go on cruises.

On February 29th, Fauci was telling people to go to the mall, movies, gyms, and so on. This is what he said:


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