Most Important 1st Amendment Case in US History – Tomorrow


In the X post below, Greenwald and Musk refer to the Murthy v. Missouri case, originally Missouri v. Biden, one of the most important First Amendment cases ever heard by the Supreme Court. It will be heard tomorrow. The question to be answered is whether misinformation on the Internet is an excuse for the government to censor speech.

The government will say that they had to pressure or suggest social media companies censor scientific debate and criticisms of government policy.

Last September, “the Fifth Circuit of Appeals upheld the district court’s order in our free speech case, Missouri v. Biden, enjoining the White House, Surgeon General, CDC, & FBI from violating the First Amendment rights of millions of Americans,” Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey posted on X.

Bailey asserted that the White House pushed social media companies to censor Americans’ speech, violating the First Amendment.

That is against the law, and the White House broke it.

The 74-page opinion was published.

The Court stated that government officials pressured social media platforms to suppress viewpoints they disapproved of, such as those relating to COVID-19, election security, and Hunter Biden.

“Ultimately, we find the district court did not err in determining that several officials—namely the White House, the Surgeon General, the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention], and the FBI—likely coerced or significantly encouraged social-media platforms to moderate content, rendering those decisions state actions,” the three-judge panel wrote. “In doing so, the officials likely violated the First Amendment.”

This is a crucial 1st Amendment case defining the boundaries of government as overseers of social media platforms.

The White House made explicit and subtle threats. The Court noted that Joe Biden’s White House had “plans to punish” social media platforms if they refused to censor speech.

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