Mr. Kellyanne responds to President who called him a “deranged loser of a husband”


Late last night Trump called out a group of Never Trumpers who released an ad attacking him, one was the “deranged loser of a husband” of Kellyanne Conway, his chief counsel. {The President also called him ‘Moonface,’ which trended on Twitter.)

The President responded:

A group of RINO Republicans who failed badly 12 years ago, then again 8 years ago, and then got BADLY beaten by me, a political first-timer, 4 years ago, have copied (no imagination) the concept of an ad from Ronald Reagan, “Morning in America”, doing everything possible to get even for all of their many failures. You see, these loser types don’t care about 252 new Federal Judges, 2 great Supreme Court Justices, a rebuilt military, a protected 2nd Amendment, biggest EVER Tax & Regulation cuts, and much more.

I didn’t use any of them because they don’t know how to win, and their so-called Lincoln Project is a disgrace to Honest Abe. I don’t know what Kellyanne did to her deranged loser of a husband, Moonface, but it must have been really bad. John Weaver lost big for Kasich (to me). Crazed Rick Wilson lost for Evan “McMuffin” McMullin (to me). Steve Schmidt & Reed Galvin lost for John McCain, Romney’s campaign manager (?) lost big to “O”, & Jennifer Horn got thrown out of the New Hampshire Republican Party. They’re all LOSERS, but Abe Lincoln, Republican, is all smiles!


The ad, Mourning in America, is very vicious and dishonest. They are blaming President Trump for the virus and the consequent financial struggles.

The originator of the Project is Bill Kristol, who formed his first group with a hardcore leftist.

Kristol’s original group, “Republicans for the Rule of Law“, had nothing to do with the Constitution. It was formed with his one benefactor, a Progressive billionaire named Pierre Omidyar, the co-founder of eBay. He’s a member of the Resistance and gave the group $100,000.

He is in cahoots with leftists.

The mission for both projects is, “Defeat President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box.” They want to defeat Trump and any Senator who has defended him in any way.

The principals include the most vicious anti-Trumpers: former John McCain adviser Steve Schmidt (Democrat), former Ohio Gov. John Kasich adviser John Weaver (Democrat), former New Hampshire GOP chair Jennifer Horn (crazed), veteran Republican operative Rick Wilson (racist), and George Conway (OCD husband of Kellyanne, the President’s chief counsel.)

In the past, President Trump has called them “pathetic.”

Tim Murtaugh, the communications director for Trump’s reelection campaign, called the effort of ‘Republicans for Rule of Law,’ a “pathetic little club of irrelevant and faux ‘Republicans’ who are upset that they’ve lost all of their power and influence inside the Republican Party.”

Mr. Kellyanne responds

Conway returned with his usual childish barb, quoting nasty fake Republican Windsor Mann, who tells MSNBC that people who support Trump are sycophants who will abandon him. For what? A senile socialist?

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