Mr. Musk on $hitShow Bots, Project Veritas & Clown World’s ESG Joke


Elon Musk likes to joke. It probably keeps him anchored with all the stressors he deals with daily. People misunderstand and think he is somehow not taking things seriously – like the numbers of bots and spam on Twitter. The Clown world doesn’t understand jokes.

closeup of a scary and bloody hand holding a smartphone with a picture of a scary evil clown asking for silence in its screen

Elon Musk is taking it very seriously. If he wants to get out of this deal, he certainly could but he hasn’t made that move yet. He wants an accounting other than vague rainbow and unicorn math.

Newsweek did some real reporting, noting that half of Joe’s Twitter followers are fake. We knew that but now we know it from Newsweek, a left-wing publication. What a joke Twitter had become but it has a future now with Elon Musk.


Musk also has the ESG scam in his crosshairs. ESG is another bad joke the Left has successfully inflicted on us under the exaggerated religion of climate change.

The joke is on the climate change fanatics in the liberal hivemind.

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