Ms McEnany’s evidence includes one person signing 60% of ballots


Kayleigh McEnany, President Trump’s press secretary, presented evidence of voter fraud on ‘Hannity’ last evening.

McEnany said she has 234 pages of sworn affidavits outlining ballot fraud in Wayne County, Michigan.

In one example she gave, a single person signed sixty percent of the ballots. In another case, multiple ballots were run through the counting machines more than once. She too has lists of dead voters.

The examples she gave were from only one county.

She said poll watchers were threatened with racial harassment and in other instances, they were distracted from observing.

Blue states refuse to clean up voter rolls, usually claiming it suppresses the vote. Thus, dead voters, ineligible voters, and others can vote or someone can vote for them.




  1. I am boycotting fox but glad Hannity had her on I guess appreciates Hannity as a money maker just not their daytime lineup.

  2. The Democrats (including the Democrat propaganda wing known as the MSM) will just keep parroting preposterous claims that “there’s no evidence of election fraud!” Thank heavens for Donald J. Trump.

  3. Loving these Scott Adams podcasts and just listened to one about a person on camera filling out ballots.
    He then goes through several explanations while stating that having only one explanation is usually the wrong one.
    You see the comrades believe that everyone thinks exactly like they do with a distorted burn it all down by any means necessary lens when most normal people view that and civil war as the worst possible scenarios.

  4. Pennsylvania 220,883 votes illegally switched to Biden by Dominion software ‘glitch’! Another 941,248 votes mysteriously ‘lost’.
    Georgia : Switched Votes:17,407 Lost Votes: 33,574 -a-computer-script-that-combs-thru-all-the-election-data-identifies-votes-that-switched-from-trump-to-biden-votes-lost-that-disappeared-data-show/

    #Trump2020 #StopTheSteal

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