Arrested Travis County poll watcher speaks out


A poll watcher arrested on Monday for criminal trespassing is accusing the Travis County Clerk’s office of election violations. Although, Travis County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir said they had nothing to do with the arrest.

She was allegedly filming illegally.

“I filed my own complaint with the Secretary of State a couple of days ago. So, anybody who’s a witness to election fraud can file their own complaints. And all I can do is tell people what’s happening and shine light on what’s happening,” said Jennifer Fleck, the poll watcher arrested on Monday.


“The room is about 20 feet deep. So, there’s election activity happening at the back of the room, all in the room, anything happening at the back of the room, we could not see. They wouldn’t allow us to ask questions,” said Fleck. “The law allows poll watchers to sit or stand mere activity and observe ballots being processed and tallied and reports being generated. None of that was possible.”

“I was documenting illegal activity, in my opinion, and they asked me to leave. I refused. The sheriff disappeared for about another hour, along with the Travis County officials. When they came back, they asked me to leave again. I refused. He said, ‘If you’re not going to leave, they’re going to charge you with criminal trespass and I’m going to have to arrest you.’ I said, ‘OK,’ and I didn’t resist arrest, but I wasn’t going to leave on my own volition because I was there to do a job and they were obstructing poll watchers,” said Fleck.

She was released from jail on Election Day and said she was trying to protect voters of all parties.

“My concern is that Travis County voters are not getting local elections and that our vote or our votes are not protected. So this is a bipartisan issue,” said Fleck.

Brief news report:

Ms. Fleck, who has one failed run for office, posted photos with comments on Twitter:

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