MSM Lying About White Supremacists Is Tearing the Country Apart


A new Fox News poll of eligible voters found that more people believe the news media is a greater threat to the country than white supremacists. That’s definitely true and not the insane part. What is insane is that any people think white supremacists are a threat.

A staggering 40 percent of Americans believe that the news media represent a greater threat to the country than white supremacists, according to a new Fox News poll.

A full 69 percent of Republican voters believe the news media poses a greater threat to the United States than white supremacists.

In comparison, just 18 percent of Republicans in the poll said that white supremacy was a greater problem.

There are few white supremacists

White supremacists are NO THREAT! However, the media has people convinced they are a threat.

The Southern Poverty Law Center estimates that there are 190 active KKK groups with between only 5,000 and 8,000 Klan members in the U.S.

The SPLC reports that as of 2016, there are 917 active groups. (That’s 100 fewer than the 1,108 groups reported in 2011.)

There are hardly any of them. They didn’t get Trump elected and he disavows them.

That’s why the left has to convince you that 68 million Americans who voted for Trump are Nazis and KKK.

The real threat

The real threat are the leftists and the media. Antifa include as members teachers, professors and other cretins living in their parents’ basements. BLM includes a lot of the same people. Soros is funding these lunatics. The media glorifies them and pretends they are freedom fighters. They want you to believe they fight for justice and equality for all [except for whites, Christians, those of European descent, people who disagree with them].

Listen to this exchange. It’s worth the time.

The real Democrat threats

The City of Berkeley has released the list of those arrested with the charges filed against them, and released photos of 11 of the 13 arrested, Daily Wire reported.

According to the Alameda Country Sheriff’s office, the key to the photo is:

Row 1 (L-R) Brittany Mooreman, Emily Gillespie, Harlan Paknau. Row 2 (L-R) James Dominic, Joshua Phillips, Kristopher Wyrick, Levi Smith. Row 3 (L-R) Rachael Lea Moore, Sean Hines, Seth Vasquez, Yesenia Mendez.

Some of these nuts are in the forties, most in their late 20s and 30s, so there aren’t “kids.”

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