MSNBC Blockbuster News, Think “Manspreading” and “Mafia” Don Trump


MSNBC News reports all the news you don’t need to hear unless of course you are a Trump hater. They’re right on top of that.


This first bit of MSNBC News is worthy of an eye roll.

Chris Matthews played a clip of the Trump-Putin meeting and the first thing he pointed out was the “manspreading”.

“Note the manspreading by the two gentlemen,” Matthews said.

North Korea is threatening the world, Iran will soon be in the same position, the economy saw 220,000 new jobs, and Trump and Putin might have an agreement on Syria, but let’s talk “manspreading”.

MSNBC wasn’t done. They hit it out of the ballpark with the next one featuring an abnormal woman who they are apparently mainstreaming.

Masha Gessen is in fruitcake territory. She thinks she knows what Trump and Putin watch on TV.

Her spiel today was that Trump is “establishing his own Mafia state in the U.S,” but read on.

Gessen made news a few years ago by saying the conversations around gay marriage have always been built on a lie.  At least she told the truth.

“Gay marriage is a lie, fighting for gay marriage generally involved lying about what we’re going to do with marriage when we get there…But I also think equally that it’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist. “Marriage equality” becomes “marriage elasticity” with the ultimate goal of “marriage extinction.”

Not available in this clip was her boast that her children have five parents.

She wants these relationships to exist legally.

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