MSNBC Compares “Let’s Go, Brandon” to a Nazi Salute


In a brand new MSNBC article by Eric Garcia, the far-far-left website says comparing “Let’s Go Brandon” to the Nazi “Sieg Heil” salute is an “insult to Nazis”.

How disgusting. Does this idiot know what the Nazis did to people? Is he without a clue?

When discussing the comparisons of the two, the author said, “Calm the hell down; that’s an insult to Nazis. And furthermore, Biden doesn’t have the gall to steamroll these would-be Nazis like Joseph Stalin’s army did in Berlin.”

That’s nice. He wants Biden to steamroll the Right.

CNN/MSNBC commentator Tristan Snell doubled down on idiotic with this tweet.

The author of the article also mocked the chant as dull and unimaginative. What he missed is the reason the chant has significance. It is because it was completely grassroots, and began at college football games. An NBC reporter heard chanting at a NASCAR rally for winner Brandon Brown and thought the crowd was just chanting, “Let’s go, Brandon,” but it was actually, “F Joe Biden.”

The Left has called the Right every name under the sun and accused the Right of racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, and so on. However, don’t insult the Left back in any way. Don’t dare hurt their feelings or get the best of them.

And as Joe Biden destroys the nation, we better not curse at him. That makes the Right Nazis? In truth Joe Biden and his cabal are dictators and tyrants. They do not have a mandate to destroy this nation, but they are doing so with open borders, elimination of fossil fuels, hate-filled curriculum in schools and businesses, outrageous spending bills and high taxation. They are a disaster for this country.

These are the people who want to ruin our country and tell us what to do. All we have to say is, Let’s go, Brandon.


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